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SCRAP to SCULPTURE Eclectic  Recycled  Metal  &  Mixed  Media  Sculpture
“Barrel Buddies”
“Bosch Man”
Steampunk Sculpture
This sculpture was commissioned as a gift for a long-term Bosch executive living in Germany. Various Bosch parts (new and used) were utilized in the design. Bosch Man carries a basket of spark plugs and a ‘laptop’ (complete with mouse) crafted from an old on-board car computer unit. On his chest Bosch Man wears the Bosch symbol and the top of his cap sports a unique spark plug, developed for a very specialized use. Bosch Man now resides in Germany.
These steampunk style sculptures were specially created for the artist’s two granddaughters. Crafted from used helium tanks, one barrel buddy sports hair made from screws, with a single-eye goggle crafted from an old garbage disposal flange. A second barrel buddy has spiked hair made from old circular saw blades. Goggles for both units are held in place with timing chain straps.
Designed ‘just for fun’, Grill-Billy has all the necessary tools required for a great barbeque - tongs and a bottle of beer. All that seems to be missing are the steaks and the actual grill. And it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. Grill-Billy now resides in the Carolinas.
“Peace Man”
Crafted for the artist’s Old Hippie spouse, Peace Man stands watch in the yoga studio garden. True to his name, he wears a peace sign on his chest, and greets visitors with a smile and his hand raised in peace.